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Market Research

We apply our Internet marketing principles and proven methodologies to identify Internet marketing, e-commerce and service online companies that would be good candidates for modernization.


Our projects implementation process leverages cloud technologies and agile development frameworks. Keeping operation costs low, these technologies allow us to convert currently stagnant online business into successful ventures.


Along with operations, we focus on the management and growth of the businesses or "brands" that we own. Management services for other partner businesses is also part of our platform.

Internet of Creations
eCommerce Portal and Blog to promote and sell specialty products related to the internet of things (IoT). Highlights would include IoT inventions, product reviews, product discounts, and YouTube IoT-Product Videos.
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Let's get things done. With a local runnerr it is easy, fast and budget wise. Runnerr is a network of local assistants that bid for the opportunity to "run your errands". It is a time saver and a life saver in one application!
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Inspiration & Entrepreneurship for Creative Minds!
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2018 Website Re-Launch

Online Business Development and Marketing portal Merging Streams   has re-emerged as one of the new cloud native business innovator in Southern California. The new company, registered in California as Merging Streams LLC., has relocated to the San Diego-South-Bay area to leverage the rapid community & business growth in the area. 

The new Merging Streams website will have a much needed design and technology upgrade, including cloud native support and integration with Amazon Web Services. The newly designed website will go through several design and content updates in the next few weeks. 

Please stay tuned for information about our updates and official launch. Thanks! 

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